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Wriston Manufacturing Corp. Case Solution

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Wriston Manufacturing Corp. Case Solution

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Wriston Manufacturing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Wriston Manufacturing-Detroit plant

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Detroit’s production is unique when compared to other Wriston plants. Runs are typically low volume, involve significant set-up time, and vary significantly due to the sheer volume of different products lines, families and models.

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With a free MI account, you can follow specific scholars or subjects, search MI's research archives and past articles, and receive customized news and updates from the Institute. The true value of Detroit’s products (to the division) must also be considered.

but Detroit’s many low-volume products are in large part supplementary (e. coupled with low volume. suggests the need for a flexible manufacturing system (FMS).5/5(1).

While this does net in a $2, loss, this option results in the highest net present value for Wriston Manufacturing. In this option the Detroit products are segmented into. Wriston Manufacturing is a manufacturer of a wide range of components for the automotive industry.

It was created by a network of nine plants, as its product line has grown. New, high-volume production, are usually made in a new, focused, large amounts of plants, and older production lines are generally assigned to the plant in Detroit, the.

Wriston Manufacturing Corp. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis Wriston manufacturing detroit
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