Should east timor be admitted to

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East Timor

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Unlocking Timor-Leste’s road to ASEAN

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Indeed, East Timor’s democratic performance should be an advantage for its candidacy. The ASEAN Charter and other key documents tout the bloc’s dedication to democracy and human rights.

Oecussi province belongs to East Timor politically, yet is a part of Indonesian West Timor culturally and geographically. Its capital, Pante Makassar is a sleepy little town that lies between the coast and the mountains. i thoroughly enjoyed my time and experience in Timor-Leste.

Coming from a developed first world and urban jungle like Singapore.

Will Timor Leste Finally Join ASEAN in 2017?

It was a fascinating experience for me to see a new country like Timor-Leste. May 16,  · What East Timor has achieved in the past 11/12 years since the referendum inis truly remakable. East Timor would be a good influence to other ASEAN members.

Its track record on human rights and the respect for democratic processes, is indeed something that other ASEAN members can learn from.

East Timor is located on the southernmost edge of the Indonesian archipelago, northwest of Australia. As it is placed in Southeast Asia, it satisfies to the ASEAN. First, one of the best points that East Timor should admitted to ASEAN is its geography. East Timor is located on the southernmost edge of the Indonesian archipelago, northwest of Australia.

As it is placed in Southeast Asia, it satisfies to the ASEAN Declaration (Bangkok Declaration) and ASEAN Charter.

Should east timor be admitted to
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How East Timor’s Democracy Is Making it an Outcast – Foreign Policy