Rewards or punishment

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Alfie Kohn

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Parenting: Using Rewards and Punishments

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Operant Conditioning

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Reward or Punishment: Which is the Better Motivator?

Incentive-based regulation can be defined as the conscious use of rewards and penalties to encourage good performance in the utility sector. Incentives can be used in several contexts. You can still use punishment, but it should be separate.

Taking away rewards can lead to a constant sense of defeat when a child works hard, yet never sees positive outcomes. Try rewarding good habits instead of good outcomes.


Negative punishment is an important concept in B. F. Skinner's theory of operant behavioral psychology, the goal of punishment is to decrease a certain unwanted behavior.

In the case of negative punishment, it involves taking something good or desirable away to reduce the occurrence of a particular behavior. Which is more effective — the carrot or the stick? Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have devised a simple experiment to test the effects of rewards and punishments on behavior and have found that punishments seem to be more effective at influencing behavior than rewards.

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Rewards or punishment
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