Point of view of greasy lake

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Summary and Analysis of T.C. Boyle's

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Full year round lake view. Lot is located in the back of development. The incident that sends the narrator into the lake continues this realization for the narrator and the encounter with the dead body suddenly causes the narrator to change his point of view.

Greasy Lake is important in this story because we can infer that the lake is a place where a lot of problems occur and where you can find a rough crowd of people. A particular description of the shore and lake that was memorable was when it explains that the lake was once named for its clear waters but now it is only murky and fetid.

Greasy Lake on the other hand is told from the narrator’s point of view, about several nineteen years old boys who play a prank on a “bad” character and experience what bad characters are.

Phases [edit | edit source]. On earlier version of Season 6 map v, Leaky Lake was a lake with a giant maelstorm and had spawned a Floating Island with the lake's center house at the top of it.

Leaky Lake had a whirlpool that outputted a tornado at the center of the lake with some rusty cars and pipes. For example, if you are analyzing the setting in Greasy Lake, you would address how understanding the way the setting provokes the action in the story is crucial for the reader to understand Boyle s point.

Point of view of greasy lake
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