Origin of communalism in india

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Reasons for Growth of Communalism in India

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Communalism occupies a prominent place in the political spectrum of modern India. It puts the Indian society in a very conflicting situation and the social unity stands in that cross road of distrust and animicity among different communities of India.

Factors responsible for the growth of communalism

In the recent years, the hazards of communalism. The Growth of Communalism in India Article shared by: Along with the rise of nationalism, communalism too made its appearance around the end of the nineteenth century and posed the biggest threat to the unity of the Indian people and the national movement.

Stages in Indian Communalism and how it spread. India is a land of diversity. And it is known for lingual, ethnic, cultural and racial diversity. As, we have discussed above, communalism in India is a modern phenomenon, which has become threat to India’s Unity in Diversity.

We will see the various stages:. Communalism, is referred in the western world as a “theory or system of government in which virtually autonomous local communities are loosely in federation”. Communalism is a political philosophy, which proposes that market and money be abolished and that land and enterprises to be placed in the custody of community.

But in the Indian sub-continent context, communalism has come to be associated with. Introduction This article deals with the origin and growth of the communalism in India in 19th and early 20th centuries. To understand this, the paper deals with different shades of meaning of communalism, the context in which the communalism originated and gained its growth and the main personalities and movements behind origin and growth of communalism.

Origin of communalism in india
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Reasons for Growth of Communalism in India