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Explain why Justine confesses to the crime, even though she is innocent in Frankenstein.

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Mar 10,  · During Justine Moritz s trial, Victor fails to tell anyone that he suspects that the monster is responsible for the murder of William. This failure is testimony to Victor s (Points: 3) generous ncmlittleton.com: Resolved.

The death of Justine Moritz was not planned or intentional. The murder of William Frankenstein was not premeditated, but the Creature knew that his subsequent actions would kill and did so with malice.

(“Crimes”). Therefore, the Creature is guilty on all charges. STATEMENT OF FACTS. Justine Moritz. After the discovery of William’s. Who is Justine Moritz? At a young age, Justine was taken into the Frankenstein family and worked as a servant; even though she was a servant she was still part of the family; Justine is roman catholic; she is convicted of the murder of William for having the locket William was wearing and executed At the trial she is proven guilty and.

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