Coastline erosion

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Coastal erosion

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Coastal erosion in Louisiana

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Thermal erosion describes the erosion of permafrost along a river or coastline.

Coastal erosion

Warm temperature s can cause ice-rich permafrost to break off coastlines in huge chunks, often carrying valuable topsoil and vegetation with them. The average erosion rate for the miles of Texas coast is feet per year. Sixty-four percent of the Texas coast is eroding at an average rate of about 6 feet per year, with some locations losing more than 30 feet per year.

Coastal erosion and landforms

While coastal erosion affects all regions of the United States, erosion rates and potential impacts are highly localized. Average coastline recession rates of 25 feet per year are not uncommon on some barrier islands in the Southeast, and rates of 50 feet per year have occurred along the Great Lakes.

Coastal erosion is common phrase referring to the loss of subaerial landmass into a sea or lake due to natural processes such as waves, winds and. Oct 16,  · News about Coast Erosion, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

Coastal erosion is common phrase referring to the loss of subaerial landmass into a sea or lake due to natural processes such as waves, winds and tides, or even due to human interference.

Coastline erosion
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